Why Choose Us


Whether you are a first home buyer or a seasoned investor, we are committed to providing you with the right home loan to meet your needs. Along with providing great interest rates, unlimited additional deposits and redraw facilities, we will provide you with customer service that you will value for the life of your loan.

Strategic Loans & Investment Service's are fully committed to you, our borrowers:

  • We approach your loan requirement professionally
  • We will reassess your finances and conduct a mortgage ‘health check’ upon request
  • We will assist you with your first purchase
  • We will provide a home loan that suits your needs
  • We do all the paperwork and running around

When you call us at Strategic Loans & Investment Services, your call and queries will be answered and we will guide you through your home loan application process, and into the future.

Not only that, you can rest assured that your credit advisor is qualified and fully compliant allowing you to feel confident that you are in safe hands and we will find the loan that is right for you.